Hello there. :)
I'm M.G.Nemesi, an Italian artist who likes both manga and american comics.
This Tumblr will be used to post my miniature art, raw sketches and random doodles, most of which are completely SFW. :)


A quick raw. I’m not satisfied with it, but I had to  flail in a fangirlish fashion   make a point, so I’ll subject you to it.

Do you know what Jason   Team Jason   the Outlaws need, I reckon?
Now, Wally would be a nice choice due to the red hair, but—Wally’s not suited for the team, I think. Bart is a personal favourite, but again: he wouldn’t be in tune with the rest of his teammates.
So the only illogical choice is Thad. Inertia. 

And *twiddles thumbs* I know he’s… gone. And he’s as evil as they come, but—-But this is just wishful thinking on my part, I guess but no, I really, REALLY think having a speedster would benefit the sale—I mean, the team. Also, with the Reboot, you can never know who’s gonna come back from the dead, right?

Another one I’d like to see in the book is Talon, but again: wishful thinking. x3;;

[EDIT]= *giggles* Yes, yes, Jason is indeed a magnet. Or is that bird stand? Anyway, I think he attracts people. Which is why they’re all plastered to him. But he doesn’t want to—-show weakness, I guess? So he remains unresponsive, almost bored, projecting this facade of uncaring bastard. If you don’t let people in, they can’t betray and hurt and desert you, right?

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    Needs to happen. Like now.
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    OOC//: I kind of wish I could roleplay this.
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    was gonna go for this then jason was offline then he tried to kill himself then damian left OOP
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