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Speaking of JayTim and my studies…

…I can totally see Tim getting *stubborn*, after Jay is returned, and decide that, “no, damn, we’re HELPING him.” Jason’s return has been really shocking for the family as a whole, so Tim’s idea isn’t met with much approval. Chocked-upon grief, irritation, pain, anger, cold shoulder, glares, shakes of the head, gritted teeth, sighs. That’s what his idea is met with. But no approval. No one backs him up.
So Tim does what he does best - he grabs a book and starts researching, and sort of psychoanalyses Jason from a distance.
Which can result in hilarious stuff - Tim stalking Jay, and then starting to talk as though he were a shrink in the middle of a fight, with Jason going all “STAND STILL DAMN IT I’M TRYING TO HURT YOU” - but also some angst - Tim discovering just how BAD Jason had it, the whole deal with the coffin and then the brain damage - and then at one point Tim would stumble upon that defence mechanism I was talking about the other day, were a person replaces an unsuitable desire or feeling with its opposite. And Tim goes suddenly very quiet as he makes the connection and realizes that…
…”Jason always picked fights with me because he LIKED ME?” O_O
And - I have this image of Tim going all awkward and painfully shy in private, and then trying to dig when he’s with Jay, going into detective mode,  because he NEEDS to know if he’s right and if Jay still likes him.

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