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I'm M.G.Nemesi, an Italian artist who likes both manga and american comics.
This Tumblr will be used to post my miniature art, raw sketches and random doodles, most of which are completely SFW. :)


First things first: Android!Tim would be *SUCH*  A sex God. MMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Rule one of fandom would be to make him ooze sensuality… and control. He’s exactly like the car, so: perfect control, nerves of ice; dark skin; sleek, lean body, long, lean limbs, toned but slim; perfect skin, cool to the touch; serious expression, big eyes, framed by long, thick lashes as black as khol; set like jewels on a very determined, serious face, also perfectly crafted, smooth and — okay, you get the point.
…Or, Sex-on-legs. Both terms apply.

The tattoo… *low, serious voice* it’s somewhere sexy. And. Private. If I say more, TIM will run me over. *jerks thumb towards rumbling car behind her*

OMG, realm of crack, I’m entering you. Be warned. xD
Tim would keep checking the updates, and he’d often get into these sulky, pouty, angry moods and give Jason the cold shoulder. And the poor guy has no clue what he’s done wrong. xD
Can’t you just *SEE* it?
Dishes flying -
"How. Did. She. Know. About. THAT?!"
- and Jason ducking, going all “Who’s She?! O_O Knew what?!”, until Tim threatens to use TIM - so Jay has to haul Dami up - kitten style, you realize. With his breakfast still in his mouth, and his eyes all anime-flat and his limbs dangling as Jay carries him under his armpit and flees over the hills for his life.

Oh Gosh, imagine what happens after they come out as a couple (it happens! It happens! Jay actually shocks everyone at a fund-raiser party!). People would STILL write about them, uh? I’m sure Tim would keep checking, partly out of curiosity, partly to *learn* and get wicked ideas (*TIm scross down a fic* “Uhm, TIM’s backseats *do* look comfy… I wonder if doing this is feasible…? *splutters* On the Hood?! OMG…uhm. *files away for later perusal*).
Partly, he checks because… he’s worried. Like, seriously. Are these people stalkers? Mindreaders? ALIENS?? OAO
But at the same, he would keep Jay totally out of the loop.

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