Hello there. :)
I'm M.G.Nemesi, an Italian artist who likes both manga and american comics.
This Tumblr will be used to post my miniature art, raw sketches and random doodles, most of which are completely SFW. :)


Catlad!Tim and Red Robin!Jason. 

I’ve no idea how this thing looks because my Siligraph monitor and my Peecee have been fighting ever since this morning. So as a result, I see all the colours… wrong. I see it with very vibrant colours and deep shadows, but I’ve no idea if that’s true. I hope this is at least the tiniest bit pretty. ^0^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I’m not in a happy place as of now, and I’ve got no idea why, so I tried to blow off steam with wild-abandon no-layout no eraser art. *blows hair off her face* I mean, no, I KNOW why. Little things have been piling up for a while, plus I’ve been running on adrenaline only for the last couple of weeks.  :/ But I mean, a lot of lovely things have happened to compensate, so I feel so utterly stupid moping around, but - moping around is what I’m doing. |||||OTL I’d planned to go for a trip today, see some sun and stuff and see if it cheered me up, but it’s storming. >.<

12:28pm · Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 · 144 notes
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