Hello there. :)
I'm M.G.Nemesi, an Italian artist who likes both manga and american comics.
This Tumblr will be used to post my miniature art, raw sketches and random doodles, most of which are completely SFW. :)


Someone once said: “To be a decent artist, you should always, ALWAYS, complete at least one drawing each day. Think it up, sketch it, clean it and colour it.”
Lately I’ve been trying to do just that - a sketch a day.

This is my daily sketch - and also something I’d solemnly promised to draw. You know how I think that Jason    Team Jason  The Outlaws would benefit from the addition of a speedster, right? Because speedsters make everything better. And that speedtser ought to be Thad… right?
Well, this is when Thad *informs* Jason he’s joining the team. That’s right. “Informs”. Because it’s not like he asks, or anything. He decided it has to be done, so it’s going to be done. PERIOD.

Copy/Pasta from DA:

Inertia: *arms crossed* *glares up at Jason* Your team is in dire need of a speedster. You’re lucky I’m here. I’m joining you.

*snorts* * mimics Inertia’s stance and flexes his arms across his chest* Yeah, right. *unimpressed* We’re not accepting submission, shortstuff.

I wasn’t asking. I was informing you of my decision. *pauses* Where’s my room?

Huge file, even if this is a miniature - Kory’s face there in the background measures something like 3.5 millimetres on paper. Also, blatant Jason fanservice is blatant. 

5:14pm · Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 · 147 notes
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