Hello there. :)
I'm M.G.Nemesi, an Italian artist who likes both manga and american comics.
This Tumblr will be used to post my miniature art, raw sketches and random doodles, most of which are completely SFW. :)

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 wolfpackbliss replied to your post:WOLFPACKBLISS SAID: NON SO. IL CAVALLO MI LASCIA…

Underworld? Si si, te lo puoi dire da sola perché è proprio bello! :)

Bingo! L’AU è proprio quello!
E grazie mille! Sono contenta che piaccia anche a te! ;D


Ti do un aiutino… ne ho sproloquiato qualche tempo fa, di quest’AU! Derek l’ho un pochino modificato… e se me lo posso dire da sola, apprezzo MOLTO le curve del suo braccio. *GULP*

cala-man-si answered: holy shit Stiles looks amazing!

I’m happy you like him! I seem to find Derek a bit easier to draw, so it’s always nice to know when I get Stiles right, too! ♥

Also, it’s been ages since I drew armours AND I MISSED IT LIKE CRAZY.

@wolfpackbliss said: Asdfghjkll

Vedo che approvi! ^0^ Incovinato che AU è? ^_-

sendanp answered: can’t wait! *O*

Thanks! Hopefully it’s going to be up tomorrow. Actually, even if it’s just the inks, I plan to post it. I just now realized that tomorrow is the AU day of the Sterek Week, and it was too much of a great coincidence that I cave and paint and AU right on time for it! So, yeah. Expect it up tomorrow, even maybe just a B/W version of it. =)))

guess which AU I caved in and started sketching?!?! X3


He’s taken possession of the laundry basket ♥

what I would really like to see…

Is a “reversal” of the pool scene for Stiles and Derek. Imagine: they are in danger. Forced to rely on each other, they gravitate together, keep one another safe, pushing and pulling and snarking. Derek is on edge, angry. Sullen. But Stiles is the one at his wit’s end. He yanks Derek close and explains (orders), hissing low and dangerous:

"I trust you. You trust me."

No, no way, look what was mailed my way when a friend heard about the broken toe: a link to a Tyler-Hoechlin themed game of 2048! XD
I scored 5272, which is surprising, considering I’ve played, like, once before! But the game IS fun, and Hoech’s faces are adorable! X3

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…Aaaaaaaaaand… it turns out my toe *is* broken. Actually I think that in English the correct term for it is “hairline fracture”. Either way, it’s not that bad. Just a bit inconvenient. But I’m good. :)

Ow, ow, ow!

My left big toe is swollen and all black and I REALLY hope it’s not broken. Ouchie ouch. *winces*


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Heading towards bed now! Sweet dreams everyone!

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outofthecavern said: AWWW YOURE SO SWEET THANK YOU. I’m just super slow at even just flat colors cause I hate going outside the lines and having to erase xD then I get frustrated at how slow I am and I haven’t even gotten to shadows then I give up xD

Laying down the flats and colouring within the lines *are* frustrating things, make no mistake!
Have you tried using masks? I was stubborn and refused to for a long time, but when I caved in, I discovered that masks (or, alternatively, using the lasso tool and blocking the layers, which is what I do most of the time) works like magic!
Besides, messy colouring is cool! *0*

outofthecavern said: Oh man I wish I knew how to work like that in Photoshop xD I suck at coloring I wish I was better at it with photoshop D:

Aw, darliiiiing~♥
Photoshop is… a bit of an… uh. Hot potato, I guess? It’s a tremendous example of dichotomy. Using it is twice as simple as people think it is, and at the same time, it is ten times as hard.
The nice thing about Photoshop is that it has no limits. To become proficient with that program, one needs a… uh, “pyramidal approach”, I think. Which means: start from the basic, and then hone your skills until you find something unique to yourself! =)
As fun as levels, adjustments, filters and everything else are, one needs to start from flat colours, first. Or at least this is my suggestion! =D
A lot of Great Artists actually work in greyscale, and then colorize the painting later on. I never did that, but I bet it work great! Back when I first started using Photoshop, I shaded my flat colours using only the Burn and Dodge tools (and a mouse)… and the crazy thing is that it worked!!!  With burn and dodge I could focus on the shadows and light areas without worrying about the palette - tones, highlights, coloured shadows, reflected light, etc.- and it was great practice.
I… jumped on the filters WAY too soon; but as fun as those are (and as much of a lifesaver they are. Or yes, they ARE), the real secret is: the brushes. You don’t even have to create a personal one, or download something fancy. Just grab the standard ones that Photoshop offers, and mix them - use something soft and big for the landscapes, small and hard for the details, add textures by changing the settings (and by actually putting textures on overlay mode. That’s another lifesaver).
So… start small and basic, and then find *your* technique.  do what you feel comfortable with, and know that there’s NOTHING you can do that’s “wrong”. There are no rules. Follow your heart AND brain and just… let the muse move your fingers. ;3

outofthecavern said:Pssss,what does copia and livello meannn

Heiya, Kris! ~♥
Oh, it’s nothing big! “Livello” is Italian for “Layer”, and “Copia” means “Copy”… because of course I copy and edit my layers *endlessly*.
Also, the longer I work on something, the oddest my layers are named, really. Once I remaned the linart layer  ”ERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”. One other time it was “Diosa” (Spanish for Godness, if I’m not mistaken). And then my adjustment layers are

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